1. Li, Feng 李丰
    - Founding Partner of Frees Fund (峰瑞资本), - Former Partner of IDG-Accel
  2. Wang, Victor 王强
    Co-Founder of ZhenFund (真格基金)
  3. Chris Evdemon
    Partner at Sinovation Ventures (创新工场)
  4. Trond A. Undheim
    Lead, MIT Startup Exchange (STEX)
  5. Ng Yi Pin 黄榆镔
    - Co-founder and Managing Partner of Yunqi Partners (云启创投) - Previous Partner of GGV Capital (纪源资本)
  6. Xu, Siqing 许四清
    Founding Partner, CEO of ALPHA STARTUPS (阿尔法公社)
  7. Byron Hsu
    Co-Founder & CTO of Paragon One
  8. Alex Ren
    Founder & CEO of
  9. Matt Wallaert
    Director at Microsoft Ventures