1. Zhang, Shoucheng 张首晟
    - Professor at Stanford University - Founder of Danhua Capital (丹华资本)
  2. Li, Feng 李丰
    - Founding Partner of Frees Fund (峰瑞资本), - Former Partner of IDG-Accel
  3. Robert (Bob) Langer
    -Biotechnologist, engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and professor at MIT -One of the 10 most cited individuals in history
  4. Cheng, Terry 程天纵
    - Ex-CEO of Foxconn (富士康) - Ex-President of Texas Instruments Asia and China HP (惠普中国)
  5. Wang, Victor 王强
    Co-Founder of ZhenFund (真格基金)
  6. Gan, Eric
    Executive Vice President of SoftBank Group (软银)
  7. Zhang, Charles ​张朝阳
    Founder, Chairman & CEO Sohu Group (搜狐)
  8. Chris Evdemon
    Partner at Sinovation Ventures (创新工场)
  9. Richard Xu 许四清
    Founding Partner, CEO of ALPHA STARTUPS (阿尔法公社)
  10. Zheng, Wally 郑卫锋
    Founder & CEO, PowerVision Technology Group
  11. Huang, Yasheng 黄亚生
    Associate Dean at MIT Sloan School of Management


Autonomous Driving Panel
  1. Jianxiong Xiao
    - Founder and CEO, AutoX - Ex-Professor in CS at Princeton
  2. Will Knight
    Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review
  3. Xiaodi Hou
    Co-Founder and CTO of TuSimple LLC
  4. Iyad Rahwan
    Associate Professor of Media Arts & Sciences at the MIT Media Lab
  5. Ng Yi Pin 黄榆镔
    - Co-founder and Managing Partner of Yunqi Partners (云启创投) - Previous Partner of GGV Capital (纪源资本)
New Energy Panel
*This panel is co-hosted by MIT Energy Initiative.
  1. Robert Stoner
    - Deputy Director, MIT Energy Initiative - Funding Director, Tata Center for Technology and Design
  2. Phil Giudice
    Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member at AMBRI
  3. Francis O'Sullivan
    Director of Research, MIT Energy Initiative
  4. Dennis Whyte
    - Head, Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT - Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center at MIT
Hardware Panel
  1. Elaine Chen
    Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Professional Advisor and Senior Lecturer at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and the MIT Sloan School of Management
  2. Matthew Nordan
    Managing Partner at MNL Partners
  3. Haowei Zhang
    Co-founder and CEO of Waylens
  4. Michael Jin
    - Managing Partner, TEEC Angel Fund - CTO, International Green Chip Corp
  5. Bart Riley
    - Ex Founder and CTO of A123Systems - Board Member or Retained Advisor of Alveo, Amastan, Conamix, Gbattery, Humon, Liquiglide, Nanocore, NEC Energy, TransCytos
Machine Learning Panel
  1. Tao Wu
    Principal Data Scientist Manager, Microsoft
  2. Kalyan Veeramachneni
    Principal Research Scientist MIT Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems (LIDS)
  3. Andy Palmer
    Co-Founder & CEO, Tamr, Inc.
  4. Walter Frick
    Senior Associate Editor at Harvard Business Review
Healthcare Panel​
  1. Burt Adelman
    Executive Vice President Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer at Dyax
  2. John Lewandowski
    Founder and CEO of Disease Diagnostic Group
  3. Yide Jiang
    Chief Strategy Officer of Xtalpi Inc.
  4. David Liu
    -Fellow in the Van Allen Lab in Clinical Computational Oncology - Former software engineer at in Personalizations group
  5. Hailiang Huang
    Research fellow in the Mark Daly lab at MGH and the Broad Institute, with research interests in genetics underlying human complex disorders
New Materials Panel
  1. Jose Estabil
    Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MIT Skolkovo and Portugal programs
  2. Keith Hearon
    CEO of Poly6 Technologies Postdoctoral fellow in the Langer Lab at MIT
  3. Gang Chen
    Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT Director of the "Solid-State Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion Center at MIT
  4. Kripa Varanasi
    Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT
Early-Stage Startup Development Panel
  1. Trond Undheim
    -Lead, MIT Startup Exchange (STEX)
  2. Rui Li
    -Co-Founder & CEO of Robby Technologies, a YC-backed startup building self-driving robots for last-mile delivery - PhD'15 from MIT CSAIL
  3. Feng Tan
    - Co Founder at Woobo Inc, a Cambridge-based startup which focuses on using robotics and artificial intelligence to make the ultimate educational toy - PhD in robotics from MIT
  4. Wensheng Hua
    - Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Kolmostar, a startup focusing on revolutionizing position measurement. - Ph.D in EE from Stanford, worked in Google and Apple
  5. Yan Liu
    CEO and Co-founder at TVision Insights, the only company to measure actual “eyes-on-screen” to provide advertisers, agencies, and television networks the second-by-second data required to understand the effectiveness of television advertising and programming.