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As a brand new core program, Co-Founder’s Journey (CFJ) brings cutting-edge technology to innovative businesses by actively bridging MIT’s innovative resources to markets and capitals in United States and China. In the upcoming quarter, CFJ will begin a unique collaborative program with early-stage startups and professionals at MIT, the MIT Innovation Node in Hong Kong and the advanced-manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen, China. CFJ is electing 10 startup teams directly from MIT with certain demand such as product manufacturing or fundraising, and taking the representatives of them to Hong Kong & Shenzhen. The duration of program will be about 10 days in June or July.The collaboration will take forms of international conferences, showcases, prototype-construction, onsite visit, workshops, and other interactive programs.Long term, CFJ aims to catalyze entrepreneurial ecosphere in Pearl River Delta(PRD) area of China by facilitating conversations within high-growth technology-focused industries.




2017 Co-Founder's Journey

【Time】             July 5th, 2017 - July 15th, 2017
【Duration】       About 10 days
【Destinations】 Shenzhen, Hong Kong



July 7th | SVV Tour: Research and development laboratories & Manufacturing workshop

July 8th | Part Ⅰ: AAC Factory Tour

               Part Ⅱ: MIT-CHIEF x ACT LAB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

July 10th | Guangming District Tour: Haizhi Program, Shenzhen Base; Guangming District                        Economy Department; Technology Development Institution; CXO

July 11th | Part Ⅰ: Guangming District Road Show

                 Part Ⅱ: Visit Huaxing Technology Company

July 12th | Foxconn Tour

July 13th | Part Ⅰ: Road Show in Dongguan

                Part Ⅱ: Visit Gaoxin district and robotics research institute

July 14th | Zowee Factory Tour


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