Opening positions:


Public relations specialist



  1. Establish partnership with CSSAs of universities in U.S.

  2. Establish partnership with new digital/print platforms

  3. Co-operate and coordinate with representatives from above to publish event articles

  4. Work with team members to arrange and organize social media contents

  5. Reply and interact with fans online, and deal with PR problems



  1. Familiar with how student organizations and social media work, relevant experience preferred

  2. Excellent communication skills, including a good email writing manner, confidence in negotiation and an outgoing personality

  3. Have a good sense of marketing.

  4. Be highly initiative, creative and punctual

Digital content editor



  1. Gather latest news from different areas(e.g., new material, energy, robotics, fintech, etc.)

  2. Design layout and publish contents on social media accounts, include but not limit to WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

  3. Establish and manage templates for internal and external communication



  1. Excellent writing and composing skills both in English and Chinese

  2. Highly sensitive to latest trends in innovation and entrepreneurship area

  3. Familiar with publishing related tools, e.g., Wechat platform, Photoshop, composing tools

  4. Experience in Photography and film editing is a plus

Website designer



  1. Design and update MIT-CHIEF official website, mainly front-end and UI design

  2. Implement and manage database for subscribers and community members

  3. Develop new features on demand and support other team members when needed



  1. Familiar with online website creator, e.g., SquareSpace, Wix, wordpress, etc.

  2. Experienced UI designer with a portfolio is a plus

  3. Familiar with backend management and traffic/data analysis

  4. Reliable, can perform tasks independently and in a timely manner

Graphic designer



  1. Design and establish a series of templates for posters and exhibition boards

  2. Update fonts and manage color for official marketing items

  3. Design official souvenir and name cards



  1. Experienced graphic designer or relevant design experience

  2. Submit a portfolio together with resume when applying for this role

Research Specialist



  1. Analyze the data and understand the best way to attract audience

  2. Establish a MIT-CHIEF alumni network



  1. Good analytical skills

  2. Persistent, diligent, and high executive power

Sponsorship specialist



  1. Dig out potential sponsors (or partners) and establish connection with them

  2. Deal with sponsors’ request and negotiate detailed cooperation terms

  3. Social network with MIT professors, industrial giants and VCs and help form an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem



  1. Well connected with VCs, visionary entrepreneurs and seasoned industrial leaders both locally and in China

  2. Easy-going, adaptive to different culture and resourceful

Please submit the application by 11:59 PM, 2/24/2018