Opening positions:


Public relations specialist



In this role, you will assist a series of events for investors and startups in the MIT-CHIEF community. You will be exposed to an abundant of leaders, investors, and startup teams from various industries and sectors and it is a good chance to enhance your leadership.



  1. Maintaining current and initiating new partnership with leading companies, influential individuals of different industries and other social resources to plan for events and seek for sponsorship

  2. Keeping track of teams in MIT-CHIEF community and help them with our PR resources

  3. Surveying and analyzing on feedback from speakers and audience

  4. Assisting branding team in publicizing events and cooperating with other teams for some large events

Contest Organizer (6)



In this role, you will be responsible for organizing various large-scale contests including Tech-Show and our annual Business Plan Contest. You will be provided exceptional growth opportunities and access to an incredible network of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.



  1. Contacting with startups in our community

  2. Communicating with and inviting potential judges for contests

  3. Managing business plans and communicating with startups in contests;

  4. Retaining and developing mentorship relationships from leading innovators, experts and entrepreneurs

  5. Researching and analyzing startup teams and projects. Expanding the pools of high-quality startups in the contest and MIT-CHIEF community.

Deal Sourcing Associate (6)



In this team, you will be mainly responsible for reaching out startups and speakers in the industry which you are interested. It is a big opportunity for you to closely communicate with some industry leaders and startup founders, which could help you build up further career path or light your own ideas for raising a startup.



  1. Deal sourcing for startup teams from events by other organizations, incubators, university labs and so on

  2. Communicating and following up with sourced startups

  3. Retaining and developing mentorship relationships from leading innovators, experts and entrepreneurs

Candidates with (but not limited to) the following skills / experience are preferred (Note: not required and you are not expected to have all related skills/experiences):


  • Experience in events planning and organizing

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong analytical skills and creative thinking

  • Experience in seeking for funding and sponsorships for non-profit organizations

  • Experience in startups, venture capitals or R & D

  • Connections with startups or venture capitals

  • Experience working as media specialists

Please submit the application by 11:59 PM, 2/24/2018